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Our History

This family business was started by Ron and Coral working the stalls in Yorkshire market towns (they had a stall at York for 30 years). The shop premises were used as a warehouse to stockpile sewing goodies from other shops which had closed or clearance lines from other companies.

When Coral became ill in the 1980s it was clear that she wouldn't regain her strength if working market stalls. By coincidence the warehouse door was left open one day, just long enough for some local ladies to rush in having always wanted to know what was behind the usually closed doors. This led to the Aladdin's cave being opened to the public for the first time, and the idea of parties arriving started with their loyal customers from York missing them so much that they hired a coach to visit.

Word has spread on the sewing grapevine and now thousands visit the shop, where Ron had a policy of always selling stock at the price set at the time of purchase. This can lead to bargains in braids, buttons, fringing, floss, wools, needles and all manner of things 'haby".

Unfortunately Coral and Ron are no longer with us but their daughter Linda is continuing the legend. Linda is not a newcomer to the business, she always accompanied Mum and Dad whether they were buying or selling.(Born before the time of child-minders often a day off from school for a warehouse delivery).Linda joined the business full time in 1969.

Linda is following her Mum and Dad's footsteps in giving everyone the product they want at the right price and quality.

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